ICS Announces High Speed InGaAs-InAlAs PIN And APD Detectors

2018-02-27 262

Integrated Compound Semiconductors (ICS) has announced the availability of a new product line of high speed InGaAs-InAlAs PIN and APD detectors. The portfolio includes GSG and dual pad variants for 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s datacomms and telecom applications, developed on a 4-inch InP wafer process platform in partnership with the Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC).

The 25G PIN platform offers a proven performance of > 22 GHz (3dB) bandwidth, for a top entry illuminated design with a responsivity of 0.8A/W for a 20um aperture in both single element and quad (4x1) arrays. The 10G APD platform offers a proven performance of 7 to 9GHz (3dB) bandwidth, for a 30um aperture top entry illuminated designs with a responsivity of > 0.8A/W and sensitivity of - 27dBm with appropriately matched TIAs.

Currently ICS is undertaking chip scale sampling of discrete single channel devices, and is planning to extend the portfolio to offer custom array variants for multichannel 100G+ transceiver architectures throughout 2018.

Mohamed Missous, founder of ICS commented: "The rapid growth of the high speed optical transceiver market is an exciting opportunity for the in-house skills at ICS as the demands of the 100G markets require a deep understanding of RF component design to complement high quality optoelectronic device manufacture. The relationship with CSC offers a robust route to volume through the connection with IQE Plc."

Wyn Meredith, director of CSC said: "ICS is one of our lead industrial engagements and it is pleasing to see the business model of the CSC working to deliver real tangible benefits to the supply chain for high speed optical components in ultrafast fibre broadband communication systems."