The Semicon OSI-S is an ultra-high distributed optical fiber sensing instrument. The principle is optical frequency domain reflection (OFDR). Its spatial resolution is 1mm in 50m sensing range and 1cm in 100m sensing range. The measuring accuracy of OSI-S is ±0.1℃ or ±1.0 micro strain. OSI-S can simultaneously measure more than thousands of sensing points along a single fiber. So OSI-S is an excellent tool in high resolution and high accuracy sensing application fields.


  • Distributed temperature and strain measurement
  • Sensing range is 20m、50m、100m
  • Supply customized service
  • Sensing spatial resolution is 1mm
  • Sensing accuracy is ±0.1℃\±1.0με
  • 2D/3D shape sensing


Distributed optical fiber sensing

  • Composite material fatigue testing
  • Civil & Construction Engineering: SHM
  • Power industry: transformer temperature and strain monitoring


Sensing range1 20 50 100 m
Spatial resolution2 1 10 mm
Acquisition Rate3 4 Hz
Strain accuracy4 ±1.0 με
Strain range5 ±15000 με
Temperature accuracy4 ±0.1 °C
Temperature range5 -200~1200 °C
Power AC 220/110V; DC 12V -
Communication interface USB -
Fiber connector FC/APC -
Size 390 x 340 x 158 mm
Weight 7.5 KG


  1. For longer sensing length, please connect our sales team.
  2. 1mm spatial resolution is available for all measurement range. If 1mm spatial resolution is set, the temperature and strain range would be reduced. Centimeter-level resolution is available.
  3. For 0.5m measurement length with 1cm spatial resolution.
  4. For 1cm spatial resolution and below 50m sensing length.
  5. Based on the material properties of the sensing fiber. Acrylate is used in 0~100℃, Polymide is used in -50~300℃ and Au coated fiber can be used in -200~700℃.